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"John adroitly modeled our complicated market and produced accurate, defensible values for all of our roughly 4,100. 
Market conditions did not pose our greatest problem during the 2021 revaluation, however. Software problems did. We discovered latent problems with both our data and the software itself very late in the game. John has a programmer on his payroll that is familiar with our software and with his extensive help, we were able to right the ship and John was able to remodel the city, review the values and hold informal reviews with taxpayers in time for me to finalize the annual assessment role. I don’t believe that anybody else would have been able to get the job done. With any other revaluation contractor, I am sure I would have had to have told my mayor that I could not finish the revaluation and we would need to approach the state for some type of waiver."

John Philip CCMA II
(Assessor - Hartford CT)

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